Help us build our school in Africa

About an hour away from the luxury hotels at the cost of Mombasa you will find New Hope Childrens’ Centre and Primary School. The school is located just on the outskirts of the Bengala slums. The driving force behind the school, Japheth Eyama, began to take of children from the streets of Mombasa in 2005. Now there are around 40 lucky children who have their home at the Centre. Since 2005, the Centre has developed tremendously and besides the orphanage also includes of a school with classes from kindergarten to the 8th grade. Then, the children can continue their educations in high school. Nearly 400 children from the Bengala slums are at the school. Japheth has expanded the school according to financial support. In 2013 it was very cramped. Curtains separated some classrooms, so you could have two classes in the same room. In addition, half of the school had a temporary tin roof, as it rained in through. Despite these flaws in material the school succeeded to get good exam results. In 2012 the school was No.22 among 116 schools in the district! With better English results they would have been amongst the top! The work has proceeded slowly but in 2014 a new school building was built with roof, windows and doors.

During 2015 we will start a new project together with New Hope and we encourage everyone to help us create new opportunities for those who need it most. More info about this and how you can contribute to the project will be presented shortly.

– Source: New Hope Travel industry’s Children’s Fund