PIC FROM THOMAS KOKTA / CATERS NEWS (Pictured: POLAR BEAR WITH TRIPLETS) - A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs. It is believed less than 500 people have been lucky enough to witness baby polar bears when they emerge from their dens in the wild. But wildlife snapper Thomas Kokta, from Issaquah in Washington, USA, has been shooting polar bear families for the past few years carefully learning their first moves. Thomas, who travels to Manitoba, Canada, to locate these families, has witnessed not only the cuteness of baby polar bears firsthand, but also the extremely rare phenomenon of a mother bear that has given birth to surviving triplets. SEE CATERS COPY


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Help us create a better world by collecting money* to WWF and contribute to a brighter future. We started our business in 1998. Since then we have engaged ourselves in various different projects because we feel that we have responsibility towards nature and all life on our beautiful planet. We want to make a difference by contributing to a better world and a healthy planet for future generations.

The travel industry is growing fast, which makes our responsibility even more important. The major airlines that we work with have extensive programs relating to the environment where Airfrance KLM is in the forefront as the leading airline concerning environmental issues. Today’s aircrafts are for example 70 % more fuel efficient per passenger kilometre compared to aircrafts from the 1960s. Air traffic is responsible for about 2 % of the global emission of carbon dioxide. Together with emissions of nitrogen oxides, water vapour and the effects of vapour trail, aviation is calculated to be responsible for 3 % of the total human impact on the climate. *

We are moving in the right direction but there is still much to do. As a travel agency, it is our responsibility to try to influence the airline’s commitments to the environment, and contribute to conditions that enables and simplifies their work regarding these issues. At the same time we also want to support the organizations that works directly with taking care of our environment, and therefore we initiated this project with the ambition to contribute to a better world. We want to encourage all of our customers and partners to help us.

Support our project and help us raise money and contribute to a better world through WWF’s conservation work. Make your donation through the link below. Help us reach out to as many people as possible by sharing this collection via social media such as Facebook. All contributions are welcome, no matter which amount, and your support will make a difference.

* This collection is directly linked to WWF’s account and not to UVET Nordic. All donations via this collection and this site will directly be transferred to WWF via their own payment solution. UVET Nordic is not involved in any handling or management of the revenues this collection results in.
** UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


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