Uvet Viaggi Turismo was founded in 1950 in Milan by Francesco Patanè, current president Luca Patanè’s father. In those years it grew up more and more, becoming one of the most important players in business and leisure travel, events and services in Italy and in Europe with about 800 employees. The 2014 turnover was about 2.4 billion EUR, including Clubviaggi, a network composed by over 1300 travel agencies.



Uvet American Express is the leading company in Italy in services and solutions for business travels, incentives, meetings and events. The company was founded in 2001, with the joint venture between Uvet Viaggi Turismo and American Express the credit card giant and the largest services provider for the travel management companies (in 140 countries). Uvet American Express has its headquarter in Milan, and has 355 business travel experts. The operational management is carried out by 6 major Business Travel Centres located in Milan, Turin, Treviso, Bologna, Florence and Rome.


Handmade Italian Tradition to Create an International Group



UVET Viaggi e Turismo
The first company founded in 1950, is the company of the Group which owns several travel agencies working in consumer field and SME, in 9 property locations.

UVET American Express
For services and business travels, incentive management, meeting and events. In 2013 it generated a turnover of 360 million EUR. It is the leading company in Italy in services and solutions for business travels and in the management of incentives, meetings and events; founded in 2001 with the Joint Venture between Uvet Viaggi Turismo and American Express.

Clubviaggi is the leader in Italy in business and leisure travel. Owned by Uvet Group since September 2008 with more than 1300 travel agencies.

Specialised in cost management, it is a company that provides virtualization of business processes through IT systems accessible via cloud computing. Founded in 2011, it manages expenses related to business travel and entertainment.

With a head office in Milan, it is the Italian leader of fleet administration. With a team of fleet experts TKT is currently managing more than 10.000 vehicles, belonging to 50 corporate customers.. In Italy it represents the Traxall International European Network.

UVET ITN Travel co.
With its 1,300 travel agencies located in Italy, it works with ClubViaggi brand.

Cngress Lab
An acute observer of the evolution of the market, a laboratory of ideas and of innovative solutions, it offers full-client management services in the medical and scientific sector.

Jakala Events
It is leader in MICE field and it was buyed from Uvet Group in November 2013. The company, with 40 employees and a turnover of about 25 million EUR, is specialized in big events, training and sport.

Interactive travel solutions is the IT company formed in 2001 to plan and create innovative solutions in travel services, dedicated to the corporate and leisure customers.

Uevents is the Italian leader in the design and production of communication and major international sporting events.

UvetLab is the main distribution channel of Uvet Group services and products for Expo Milano 2015.

Uvetgo is the new Tour Operator of Uvet Group.

Last Minute Tour vacation packages, flights and holidays with 160 travel agencies.

Santo Stefano founded in 2013, it manages the resort “Santo Stefano” in Sardinia.



Uvet France | Avexia Voyages
A French Travel Fulfilment & Corporate Travel Company working in business travels with SME. In 2013 its turnover was 100 million EUR.

UVET Swiss
With an head office in Lugano it is part of Uvet Group from the 1st January of 2009. It’s working in the Canton of Ticino in business travel, leisure, congress and incentive.

Based in Chicago is the “Official Destination and Events Partner” for the U.S.A. Pavilion in Expo Milano 2015.

UVET Romania
Is the travel Fulfilment Company for Romania and Eastern European Market for the outsourcing of travel services.

UVET Nordic (former Flygpoolen i Stockholm AB)
Founded in 1998, is one of Sweden’s leading online travel agencies. In 2013 it generated a turnover of over 1 Billion EUR for flight tickets sold. The Company has four Online Travel Agency (OTA) brands active in Sweden (Flygpoolen, Doodle.se, Travelstore and Flightfinder). And one OTA brand (Flightfinder also called Airfinder, Farefinder or FlyUVET in some regions) active on the international market, with current operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Germany, Austria, UK, Poland, Russia, France, Spain etc.

UVET Baltic
Founded in 2014 is the Online Travel Agencies Service and Customer Center located in Riga, Latvia.

Traxall International
A company owned by the Uvet Group, it is the new leader in services and solutions for mobility management in Europe.



EXPO 2015 is the best opportunity to bring together the energies and resources to be a datum point in tourism as promoters of “Made in Italy” in Europe and in the World. The Group has entered into a partnership with Expo Milano 2015 to distribute tickets for the Universal Exposition in Milan as “Preferred authorised ticket reseller” through its national and international network.

UVETLAB The new company formed specifically for Expo Milano 2015. UvetLab, with a team of fifty professionals, is totally dedicated to the planning, organization and communication in favour of the pavilions of the different countries of Expo Milano 2015, but also for all companies which desire to organize tailor-made events in an effective and targeted way during the Expo Milano 2015.

MADE IN UVET The new Company created to manage the incoming activity of both Italian and foreign market. It will propose a large number of products, tourist services and special “experience packages” dedicated to design, fashion, lifestyle, wine and food, art and culture.

UVET INC. The new American Company of the Group based in Chicago that will manage the U.S.A. Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. This great partnership has been signed with “Friends of the U.S. Pavilion”, the non-profit organization represented by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, which is overseeing the creation of the pavilion. Uvet is also the “Official Destination and Events Partner” for the U.S.A. Pavilion.

www. u v e t e x p o 2 0 1 5 . c o m



TRIPITALY.IT Uvet Group, in collaboration with Digital Magics and Confturismo, is planning a platform for the tourist incoming in Italy. This portal will gather information, suggestions, services and many commercial offers to be for foreign tourists a unique datum point which let them plan and buy their customized and tailor-made holiday package.

ITALY & YOU The network of companies promoted by Uvet which consists of more than 130 companies of tourism industry from 19 Italian regions. Uvet Group is currently playing the role of aggregator for this business network that is open to any new member.

MILAN HOSPITALITY Uvet Group, in view of the great flow of incoming during Expo Milano
2015, has reserved about two thousand hotel rooms in Milan for the six months of the Universal Exposition. Its aim, related to Made of Italians project, is to offer suites, double and single rooms to one million
of Italians of second, third and fourth generation living in Europe, America and Australia.

MADE OF ITALIANS The project started in collaboration with Expo Milano 2015 aimed at bringing back one million of Italians emigrated abroad and let them visit the Universal Exposition in Milan, offering them targeted incentives, packages and promotions. Uvet, with the objective of engaging the vast community of Italian descendants and American tour operators, will provide packages, travel services and hospitality solutions.