With a background as a senior executive at some of the largest travel agencies in Sweden, Patric Wagenknecht gathered the industry’s most competent and experienced professionals during 1998. The ambition was to offer travellers the best possible flight alternatives available. As one of the first online travel agencies in Sweden, the company adapted to the demands generated by the market, and created a new innovative business model, which later on became implement by more and more OTAs.

The aggressive expansion began in January 2014, right after UVET Group’s purchase of Flygpoolen i Stockholm AB, which was the original name of the company. Between 2013 and 2016 the amount of bookings increased with 318%, travellers increased with 335%, turnover increased with 174%, with 1100% expansion to new markets. These result have been achieved through hard work and a lot of investments, in order to offer travellers the best prices and service available.

Quote from Patric Wagenknecht when the collaboration with New Hope Travel industry’s Children’s Fund was initiated:

– When you travel around the world, which I had the privilege to do, you will experience much misery. One can always relieve a little bit for one person by giving a coin. But I hope that this effort will give effect long time in the future, and that a lot of children from the Bengala slum get the chance of a better future. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all customers and friends, who has the opportunity, to help us create new conditions for the children and contribute to a better world for their future.

Patric Wagenknecht